Wilkerson St Bridge Over an Unnamed Tributary-Stanton TN

ProductSheetDescriptionViewSizeIssue TypePrice 
00A-TOC Table of Contents 8.5x11min Specifications $0.10
00B-ADFBD Advertisement for Bid 8.5x11min Specifications $0.10
00C-INSTBD Instructions to Bidders 8.5x11x10 Specifications $1.00
Comprehensive Set
01-C1-0 Title Sheet 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
02-C2-0 Enhanced Quantities and Typical Sections 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
03-C3-0 Proposed Layout 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
04-C3-1 Proposed Layout and Profile 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
05-C4-0 Erosion Control Plan 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
06-C5-0 Roadway Cross-Sections 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
07-C6-0 Drainage Map 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
08-C7-0 TDOT-Standard Box Drawing 24x36 Bid Set $3.00